Safety Intelligence Initiative – A White Paper to face the initial obstacles for the successful implementation of Advanced Safety Management Systems

In the area of safety, our latest publication since ISSUE 4 is a White Paper that goes deeper into the ‘Safety Intelligence Initiative’ concept for aviation-which primarily focuses on the implementation of Advanced Safety Management Systems. This White Paper also provides an overview of the current situation of the initiative and its future potential.

In this White Paper we have analyzed the challenges posed by the transition to a combined compliance/performance-based approach among aviation stakeholders which are not minor. In fact, they are more significant among CAAs and Regional Safety Organizations—who are expected to address cutting-edge Safety Intelligence Initiatives and establish the appropriate managerial structures and technological capabilities to ensure the right context for the expected safety results.

We hope this White Paper will guide the mentioned organizations to enhance their problem-solving skills and overcome the initial obstacles during the implementation of Advanced Safety Management Systems. If successful, the implementation of this kind of solutions will provide a comprehensive view of the aviation system from a proactive and a systemic safety-perspective.

This paper has been written in order to provide insight into what is needed to achieve this.

link  White Paper, Safety Intelligence Initiative