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CAF awards ALG a project to analyse priority investments in the Latin American port and airport sectors

ALG has been designated by CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America, to prepare a study of the “Investment portfolio up to 2040 in the port and airport sector for Latin America and the Caribbean”.

The project has the goal of identifying investment needs in the port and airport sector in Latin America & the Caribbean with a 2040 horizon. The study will make it possible for the first time to structure a portfolio of priority projects for the comprehensive development of these sectors at regional level. The context to this project is CAF’s desire to formulate a portfolio of investment opportunities that will serve as a reference in the development of infrastructure and services, for both public and private agents. Responding to this, the Consultant will organise a round of workshops with key sector agents when the analyses are at an advanced stage in order to validate the assumptions made and prioritise the most critical investments.

The ALG technical proposal was rated by CAF as the most suitable for the awarding of the project, after a strongly contested tendering process in which 16 companies made bids. This technical leadership is the result of the work carried out by ALG’s consulting team in Latin America in recent decades, establishing ALG as the consultancy of reference for a large number of public and private entities in the development of market research in the port and airport sector, as well as for other modes of transport.

In the port sector, Latin America has undergone considerable transformation in the last few decades. In particular, port management and operational models have undergone a notable evolution to come up to global standards, accompanied by the development of traffics and the improvement of the region’s maritime connectivity. Related to this, the region has attracted the attention of international operators, who have committed to investing in the modernisation of their infrastructures. However, this investment has been uneven and highly concentrated in the main port hubs. Generally, port modernisation has played a role focused on the removal of existing congestion, and has lacked a long term plan and a broader geographical vision (national or even regional).

About the authors
Xavier Roca is MSc in Telecommunications Engineering, MBA at IESE and Ports Director at ALG
Pablo Corralo is MSc in Aerospace Engineering and Senior Consultant at ALG
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